jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

My friend's clothes.

Her name is Norianny, she is my friend and in the picture she is wearing a withe dress, with a blue belt and blue high heels.

About my clothes.

There you can hear me talking about what I'm wearing in the picture, xo.

My favorite rooms.

This is the living room, there is a sofa, an arm chair, two chairs, a table, two pictures in the wall, a courtin and a rug!

This is the kitchen, there is dinner table, a oven and refrigerator, there are lamps and dishwasher. There are also two pictures in the wall.

This is the dining room, there is a dining table too, with candels, there are courtins and somethings to make it more beautiful.

That is the bathroom, there are two toilets for women and men, a shower, a sink and that is all.

My bedroom*

My bedroom is small but I like it, its all pink!
There is a bed, a night table, a wall reloj, a closet, a desk with my computer and a pink chair! A small library and that's it!

Talking about my house.

Daniela: Hello Khris! How are you?
Khristal: Hi Dani, nice and you? Come in!

Daniela: Thank you, oh this is a really cute house!
Khristal: Yes it is, and guess what? Its only $350 a month.
Daniela: 350$? That's really cheap! How many rooms are there?
Khristal:Oh well there are only six rooms: two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dinner room and a bathroom.
Daniela: I see, well is kind of small house, is there a yard?
Khristal: No there isn't, but we dont like yard anyway.
Daniela: Ah, it's okay then.


I live in small but really cute house, there are only six rooms! There is a kitchen next to the bathroom, two bedrooms: mine and my parent's, a living room and a dinning room!